Keep travel documents close

On behalf of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as well as the Canadian, Jamaican and US honorary consuls, the Governor’s Office is reminding nationals of these countries to ensure that their travel documents are in order, for quick access during emergency situations.

Copies should be made of key documents, including passports, birth certificates, work permits and drivers’ licenses, and stored in a safe place, separate from the originals. Persons should keep with them original documents in waterproof bags or containers during any emergency situation, particularly in the event of an approaching hurricane or tropical storm, stats a press release.

For people who may wish to travel to the US either before, or immediately after a hurricane, it is essential to have theses documents in order.

US Honorary Consul Gail Duquesny says, ‘Despite what happened after Hurricane Ivan, it is extremely unlikely that anyone without appropriate documentation will be allowed to enter the United States in any circumstances.

‘Those who do plan to travel to the US should also be aware that the visa waiver scheme only operates for scheduled flights, and they should therefore obtain a US visa if travelling on charter or private flights.’

British passport holders should note that applications for a passport renewal have a six-to-eight week turnaround time. People with passports expiring in the next six months should not send them away for renewal, unless they have a second passport that could be used in the event of an emergency. US Immigration will accept a machine-readable British passport with at least one month’s validity.

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