Please, make it right

I am amazed and bewildered at the Post Office’s attempt to keep up with the modern world by way of implementing postal codes.

Why the need for so many codes within one post office? The Airport Post Office has 11 different codes.

This, to say the very least, is confusing and unnecessary. It seems the post office wants to use, what should be, internal sorting codes for postal codes.

It would be more fruitful to simply give each of the five districts its own code that is unique. For example the code for George Town would be KY1-1XXX.

This code would cover all post offices within the district of George Town. Example: The George Town Post Office’s code would be – KY1-1000, Seven Mile Beach – KY1- 1100, and Airport – KY1-1200.

The West Bay districts code would be KY1-2XXX and the West Bay Post Office code would be KY1-2000 and Hell Post Office would be KY1-2100.

The district of Bodden Town’s code would be KY1-3XXX and the Bodden Town Post Office would be KY1-3000 and the Savannah Post Office would be KY1-3100.

East End’s code would be KY1-4000, North Side’s KY1-5000 and so on for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman

Having a postal code that corresponds with each district, home delivery could easily be implemented in the future as your house address would automatically fall into a specific postal code. This coding system would be of immediate use to all the express mail services such as UPS and FedEx and with census taking and voter registration.

This island is growing by the day. With progress and expansion, the need for more post offices will be necessary. The simple code layout that I have shown will easily allow for the addition of new post offices.

The system that has been presented is a joke. It is unnecessarily complicated. Receiving mail under the old system was a hit and miss at best with just PO Box numbers to sort. Under the new system, both box numbers and postal codes will have to be sorted. How will we ever get our mail? I will have more of yours and you will have more of mine.

There is no need to have different postal codes within one post office, the only exception being for internal use. The post office, in order to be more efficient, should use what it presented as postal codes for internal use only. If this was done we just might get our mail, and only our mail, and maybe on time.

This new system needs to be revised and simplified. Make it user friendly.

Debra Myers

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