Visions: a global journey

Heather Holt and Jim Gates are joining forces to stage a photography exhibition that takes visitors on a global journey starting Friday, 6 October.

An ancient tree

An ancient tree engulfs the ruins of a temple in the Angkor Wat area of Cambodia. Photo: Heather Holt

The month long display, part travelogue, part ethnographical study, ends on Thursday, 2 November and will be on display at Full of Beans in Pasadora Place.

Jim Gates hails from the Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia’s fabled wine region.

The photographer/ writer fell into on his chosen careers years ago while backpacking through Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Too cheap, in his own words, to send postcards, the 18 year-old improvised.

‘I would develop my photos, write a little story on the back, attach a stamp and send them off.

‘When my friends and family replied, saying they thought my photos where excellent and my stories entertaining, I had an epiphany: maybe I could travel, write and take photos for a living and avoid ever getting a real job.’

Three years later Gates enrolled at the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, B.C. and earned a diploma in journalism and photojournalism. He moved to Cayman in 2004, following a stint as a reporter/photographer near Jasper National Park.

Once on-island he worked as an underwater videographer before shooting weddings, events, portraiture and commercial photography.

Heather Holt

An avid photographer since the age of 14 years-old, Heather Holt has gone on to publish and exhibit all over the world.

The Chicago native, having completed Environmental Science and photo journalism degrees at Ohio University, has gone on to publish and exhibit in several countries.

Over the last decade, her work has featured in many leading publications. Her resume includes the cover of “The Natural Guide to Thailand”, pictures in the Danish press, magazine work in Scotland and National Geographic.

For the last year Holt has journeyed around the world exploring some of the globe’s most untouched cultures and roads less travelled.

She describes her photographs in the Visions exhibition as the ‘culmination of [my] works both past and present… A fusion of the natural world and cultures captured with [my] unique eye.’

She has started production of a coffee table book about sustainable tourism. The project is focused on accommodation that proves to be a positive influence on the culture, community and environment.

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