Today’s Editorial November 15: Pick up your trash

Drivers going through Bodden Town Tuesday morning got to witness a bit of unpleasantness.

The litter lining the main roadway was a disgrace.

Apparently the trash was left over from Bodden Town’s Heritage Day festivities Monday evening.

We hope everyone had a good time, but revellers must remember to pick up after themselves.

Picking up trash during Heritage Day is not the responsibility of the district Pirates Week Committee.

It’s not the job of the district’s Beautification Committee.

It’s the responsibility of the people availing themselves of the good time being had by all.

Every district has strategically placed garbage bins in which trash is to be placed. Statistics show that most littering occurs within a few feet or inches of a waste bin. Those stats were proven Monday night in Bodden Town.

Leaving beer cans and bottles, paper cups and plates along the street as litter is not acceptable.

Much work was done over the past few weeks to spruce up Grand Cayman for the visit of Florida-Caribbean Conference Association delegates.

We made note then that the clean-up of the island was a good thing, but should not just be limited to putting a good face on for visiting dignitaries.

People in every district have worked hard to get their communities cleaned up for Pirates Week Heritage Days and their work should be respected.

And revellers should have enough self respect not to leave their trash behind. Your actions truly show your character.

Before you toss your trash, think about the problems litter cause.

Litter reduces the aesthetic appeal of public places;

It can kill aquatic life once it’s introduced into the water;

It can block drainage systems, causing flooding;

It can be dangerous to humans and animals when it involves items such as broken glass.

We still have several Heritage Days left in various districts.

If you go, please make sure you put your trash in a bin before you leave.

If you see someone littering, call them on it.

The Pirates Week Committee and district committees have worked too hard to provide us a good time for us to spoil the occasion and our districts with trash.

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