New by-pass rules broken

Police are warning drivers that the Esterly Tibbetts highway extension is not to be used between 7pm and 6am.

On Wednesday, a roadblock was conducted near the Ritz-Carlton from 7.15pm and officers found a huge number of vehicles using the by-pass, despite the numerous signs that are in place informing motorists that the road is closed.

Drivers are also being reminded to slow down when using the new road and obey the speed limit of 25 miles per hour. The speed limit along with road signage and 240 barriers in strategic locations are in place to help keep motorists safe.

The road opened to the public on 28 September. Currently, there is one lane travelling in either direction, north and southbound. The current spray-and-chip surface is an interim measure to help settle the roadway while simultaneously permitting reduced-speed traffic. A hot-mixed asphalt surface will be laid once the roadway has settled sufficiently.

As road construction is ongoing, motorists are being urged to exercise care, courtesy and caution when using the road.

Entry onto the Esterly Tibbetts Highway southbound from West Bay Road is possible at the following points:

Raleigh Quay (the former Indies Suites);

opposite the Governor’s Residence (Lime Tree Bay); Canal Point Drive (the Strand);

Galleria Roundabout.

Exit off the Esterly Tibbetts Highway northbound on to West Bay Road is available from the following points:

Canal Point Drive (at the Strand);

opposite the Governor’s Residence (Lime Tree Bay);

Governor’s Way (opposite the public beach).

Galleria Roundabout

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