Teaming up to clean up

The RCIPS again joined forces with the community and the National Roads Authority to help improve the neighbourhood in West Bay recently.

Saturday and Sunday saw volunteers come together to clear away debris and overgrown bushes in an area of land of Capt Joe and Osbert Road.

The action came following complaints from members of the community that the area was being used by people involved in the illegal use of drugs.

‘It is really great to see different agencies and the community come together in this way to help make the community a nicer place for everybody.’ Neighbourhood Police Officer Steve Myers said in a press release.

‘We hope that by removing the opportunity for those involved in drugs to hide in the bushes, the litter problem will decrease and the area’s natural beauty will be restored.

‘I would like to thank the NRA, in particular Paul Parchment, for their assistance as well as the many members of the community who came out to support and encourage us.’

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