Today’s Editorial January 30: More senseless death on roads

Same song, second verse.

It could have been better, but it’s much, much worse.

We’re talking about another senseless death on our roadways this past weekend.

One young man is gone from us forever. He died when the Honda Civic he was driving hit a concrete pillar nearly 1am Sunday.

His brother has been airlifted to a Miami hospital and faces a long, uphill battle of recovery.

We’re told just about every bone in his face was broken and he has lots of surgeries to look forward too; plus the knowledge that his older brother is gone.

When are you young people going to learn to slow down?

And we don’t need or want the barrage of phone calls and emails from young people we got last year when we asked the same question.

Those who wrote and called said we were unfairly singling the youth out as bad drivers.

We pulled back a bit, but maybe we shouldn’t have.

Sure, there are older people who have bad driving habits. But it seems to be the younger people who are dying on our roadways.

So we’re going to do anything we can so that young people will get the message:

Slow down

Don’t drink and drive

Pay attention

Put down the cell phone

Turn down the music

Be responsible

We’ll write an editorial about the stupidity of speeding every time any of our young people perish on our roadways.

Starting today, all vehicle-related accidents that result in death will be put on the front page.

And we’re not going to just run the Royal Cayman Islands Police Services press release if we can get more information from witnesses and family members.

We urge you to take part too.

If you see someone speeding, get their tag number and call the police. The telephone number is 926-2204.

Remember that when people employ bad driving habits they aren’t just putting themselves in danger, but they’re putting your life on the line too.

If you’ve got suggestions on how we, as a community, can get young people to slow down and live, please send a letter to the editor.

You can email it to [email protected] or mail it to Letters to the Editor, P.O. Box 1365, George Town KY1-1108, Cayman Islands, GRAND CAYMAN.

We want your input.

Maybe if we all work together we can help save young lives and ensure the future generation of this country.

As it is, youth roadway deaths are becoming a national crisis and we’re in grave danger of losing the next generation.

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