Police target new North Sound road

The RCIPS Traffic Management Unit are warning to drivers that traffic signs are to be obeyed at the new road layout on North Sound Road or they will face police action.

When the road opened at the end of December officers carried out a number of operations on site to educate the public on the new road layout. Publicity has also been done by the RCIPS and the National Roads Authority, which has included publishing the traffic signs and what explanations of what they mean.

Despite these measures, drivers are continuing to disobey the traffic signs and drive in a dangerous manner, police say. In particular, motorists are often seen exiting from Sound Way by A.L Thompson’s Home Depot and turning right. This movement is illegal and is clearly marked as such. To make the right turn vehicles are crossing over three lanes of traffic which is extremely dangerous.

Drivers should be aware that officers will be paying particular attention to this area to ensure the signs are obeyed and anyone found breaking them will be dealt with under the traffic law.