Savannah PO slated

Work on a new Savannah post office is scheduled to begin at the end of March with a completion date set for October.

The single storey building will be between the Savannah Primary School and Countryside Village on Shamrock Road.

The 4,100 square feet building will be similar to that of the Bodden Town Post Office.

Work will also include a car park, driveways, sidewalks and landscaping.

Although Savannah post office is small it handles a huge amount of mail each day.

Built in 1960 at a cost of CI$479.79 the little post office is one of the district’s oldest business landmarks.

Prior to its opening, stamps were purchased at the little H.O. Merren & Co., store on Pedro Castle Road. In 1975 24 mail boxes were built. Today 404 boxes serve the community.

‘It is small, but nobody complained because we were taking care of all the needs of the people at that time,’ said Aneza Jackson who ran the sub post office from 1981-1993 under Postmaster General Noel Johnson.

‘In those day our customers became our family as they would gather in the little post office foyer and have a variety of talks.

‘I remember it being so hot in the little building that I had to keep the door and the two windows open because there were no fans. I would put my chair to one of the windows to get fresh air and sometimes have a lively chat with the school children,’ said Mrs Jackson.

‘Today I think it is good we are getting a bigger post office. The district has become more commercialised and more people have moved into the area. A bigger post office will serve the community better.’

The post office is run by sub postmistress Yorsy Morales assisted by customer service agent Darla Anderson from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays 9am-12.30pm.