Foster’s donates to BT Primary

Foster’s Food Fair IGA recently donated $7,500 towards the development of the Bodden Town Primary School Audio Visual Library.

In an effort to continue its support of the children of Cayman Islands, Foster’s Food Fair IGA once again forwent in-store anniversary celebration giveaways and instead focused the monies towards a community related project, stated a press release.

Over the last three years, Foster’s has made donations toward the purchase of temporary classrooms for government schools and the redevelopment of Airport Park.

‘Foster’s Food Fair IGA strongly believes that the private sector has a responsibility to contribute to the development of the islands children,’ explained Woody Foster.

‘The well being of our nations’ children and families has always been especially important to Foster’s Food Fair. Though we contribute to many family-oriented causes and charities every year, we specifically try to focus on one community project we deem beneficial to children.’

This year’s donation to Bodden Town Primary School will primarily fund the purchase of books with CDs for level A to M students. The school is currently in the process of overhauling its current library especially because of its inadequate spacing and in an effort to introduce new methods of learning and education for its special needs students.

‘We would also like to once again thank all of our customers for their continued support over the last 26 years and granting us the opportunity to contribute to these important projects,’ Mr. Foster said.