Poll: Many to relax at home for Easter

More than 40 per cent of the respondents to the most recent caycompass.com online poll said they were going to spend the upcoming Easter long weekend relaxing at home.

Of the 302 respondents, 121 (40.1 per cent) said they were planning on chilling out at home.

‘Home sweet home,’ said one person. ‘I’ll finish up a few projects around the house and then rest and relax.’

‘I hope to catch up on some reading and some sleep,’ said another person.

One person will stay at home, but not necessarily by choice.

‘I would have loved to rent a stay in a condo, but the rates are exorbitant.’

Another 30.5 per cent of the respondents (92 people) said they were going off-island somewhere for the holiday weekend.

‘If Cayman Airways has good fares,’ said one person.

‘For a nice holiday in Little Cayman,’ said another respondent.

Only 37 people (12.3 per cent) said they would do the traditional activity and go camping for the weekend.

‘It’s not really camping… it’s a house in North Side, but it doesn’t get any better than that,’ said one respondent.

Some people won’t get to enjoy the holiday much at all. Nineteen people (6.3 per cent) said they would spend the weekend at work.

‘I’d rather work than put up with the crowds,’ said one respondent.

Another 33 people (10.9 per cent) said they had no plans at the time they took the survey.

Several others talked about spending at least part of the weekend in church.

‘I’ll be celebrating the resurrection of my Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ,’ said one person. ‘That is the reason for Easter and you didn’t even include it as an option for the holidays.’

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