Newspaper editorial over the line

A Cayman Net News editorial titled ‘Religion and the Rollover’ certainly got my attention.

First I would like to say that I have personally spoken out against the immigration rollover policy on many occasions.

I have sent letters to the editors of the Net News and the Compass, and I have spoken from the pulpit concerning the effect this policy is having on my church and community.

Net News accuses the pastors of the Cayman Islands of being dumb, but maybe the publisher has been deaf. Maybe he should get out of his office and go to church on Sundays and mix with the Christians a bit to find out what they are in fact saying about this rollover policy.

The Little Cayman Baptist Church has probably been affected more by the rollover than any other church in the Cayman Islands.

The expatriate community on Little Cayman out numbers the Caymanian community by nearly four to one.

This ratio is also reflected in our congregation. In the last year we have lost all our lay preachers, Sunday school teachers, and many of our most active attendees.

We have lost nearly half our congregation to the rollover. I have personally spoke with other pastors, Members of the Legislative Assembly as well as other community leaders about the affect this policy has had on our church and community.

Contrary to the editorial, much has been said by the pastors of the Cayman Islands. The editorial has misrepresented the Christian leadership as well as the leaders in the government of the Cayman Islands. He should be ashamed.

I am particularly repulsed by his comparison of the leaders of this country to Adolph Hitler and the Nazi’s persecution of Jews and others in Europe during WWII.

No one in the Cayman Islands is being killed or put in concentration camps for their religious beliefs or political activities.

The fact is that the Cayman Islands has some real immigration problems.

People come here from all over the world to work and play. The expatriate work force has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and the Caymanian people are definitely in danger of losing their traditional culture and heritage in the process.

If he can’t see this maybe he is not only deaf but blind also.

In the past year I appreciated much of what the Cayman Net News had to say about the rollover policy.

I thought many of its articles and editorials were thought provoking and on target, but with this editorial and its absurd depiction of the religious and government leaders as a pack of Hitlers they have completely lost me. He has gone over the line and owes the pastors and people of the Cayman Islands an apology. Good old fashioned repentance does wonders for the human heart.

Rev. Daniel Shroy

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