Uniform policy in effect

Cayman’s school uniform policy will once again be in effect in the coming school year, and parents should be prepared to face the consequences.

Mr. McLaughlin

Mr. McLaughlin

Speaking at the Cabinet press briefing, Education Minister Alden McLaughlin said the uniform policy will be enforced again in the new school year, and parents are being warned in advance that if their children show up to school improperly attired they will be sent home.

‘It is our policy that looking smart is being smart, and this policy will continue in the coming year,’ he said.

The Ministry has promoted the idea that school uniforms are about more than just looking smart. Its uniform information package says that ‘a school uniform gives the wearer a sense of pride and discipline. It is an essential part of your child’s education and personal development, as it promotes respect and a strong sense of identity.

‘Parents are to make sure that their child’s uniform is smart and well-fitted. We ask that uniforms are clean, tidy, in good repair, and are not too large or baggy,’ it says.

‘We are of the belief that better attitudes are attributable to the way our children dress, something that is a crucial part of the learning process,’ said the Minister.

Each of the Island’s public primary and secondary schools has a different school uniform that varies in colour and pattern from school to school. At some schools, both girls and boys wear pullover shirts. Girls wear either a tunic, skirt or a skort, while boys wear shorts or long pants along with a smart short-sleeved shirt.

Shoes must be closed-toe, and all schools have separate sports uniforms. As well as improving standards, the Ministry says the strict enforcement of the uniform policy will allow educators to devote less time to regulating dress and more time to educating children.

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