Works of art

A self taught artisan who won the McCoy People’s Choice award in 2003 was the centre of attention downtown last Friday.

Bodden Town artist Twyla Vargas created quite a stir with her paintings in her first solo exhibition, showcased in front of the Nova Scotia Bank.

Scenic and comical children’s paintings showcased the artist’s creative expressiveness in a multitude of colours.

Well-known for her versatile skills in creating things Caymanian fro the calabash, coconut husk, shells and thatch Ms Vargas has broaden her horizons to incorporate painting on a much larger scale.

Ms Vargas, who explains that she was born with a God given artistic flair, is keen to pass many of her skills on to future generations.

A librarian by trade, Mrs Vargas said a lot of her smaller paintings were done at the Bodden Town Library. Through that venue she said she was able to introduce many school children to the art of painting.

‘A place was set up in the back where the children would make dolls and paint when they were not reading,’ said Ms Vargas.

Working out of her studio set up in her home on Cumber Avenue, Ms Vargas hopes to someday have a larger workshop where she can properly teach the children what she knows

Ms Vargas said she is also excited about the go east initiative being put forward by Tourism Minister Charles Clifford.

‘That could do a lot for the eastern districts. “There are a lot Caymanians who are anxious to show off their talent, culture and heritage,” she said.

‘Many who live up this way that are really passionate about arts and craft work do not have a venue to market or display their wares.

‘If the go east imitative ever comes to fruition, I will be fully on board,’ she said. My plans are to open an art and craft work shop for children and really give the visitors an insight into how our forefathers lived by holding a number of demonstration workshops.

Ms Vargas said she has a lot of paintings that can be purchased by calling 9473777 or 9275961.

Also helping to make the day of art a colourful one, were a number of Bodden Town youngsters. Armed with crayons, paints and colouring books, the group got some helpful tips in harnessing their own paintings skills from the artist.

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