Folks out, about in GT

Despite repeated warnings from public safety officials about staying indoors, dozens of curiosity-seekers were out enjoying a blustery morning along the George Town waterfront today.

Curfew violators

Curfew violators

One man was seen shooting a video camera while standing up through the sunroof of a moving SUV. Groups as large as ten people were milling about the streets as late as 8.30am.

Apparently, the problem was occurring in several areas around the island.

“We are very aware there are people in cars driving all over the place,” said Angela Martins, acting chairwoman of the Cayman Islands National Hurricane Committee.

Ms Martins pleaded with people to stay inside until the worst of the storm had passed.

Meanwhile, Brac District Commissioner Ernie Scott said curfew for that island was lifted by 9am because conditions had improved significantly from overnight.

Conditions in downtown George Town remained blustery with winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour between 8am and 9am. Palm trees were swaying in the breeze and a few tree limbs were down in the roads. However, no serious damage was observed.

In Pipino’s restaurant along the waterfront, several people had huddled indoors to ride out the storm. Even through the business was not open, the manager served up breakfast for his guests.

Sporadic power outages were reported all along Seven Mile Beach from George Town to West Bay.

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