Today’s Editorial September 06: We like feel-good stories, too

The media often gets blamed for only reporting on negative things: crimes, road fatalities, court cases, political arguments, government abuses and the like.

Certainly, there is a lot of that in what we report here at the Caymanian Compass. What makes good news often is not pleasant.

Although it might not seem like it, we do print feel-good stories, too. Usually, however, these stories are found further back in the newspaper, which is where feature stories tend to go.

But once in a while, we write stories worthy of front-page coverage that speak not of the faults, foibles and fragility of humankind, but if its kindness, perseverance and indomitable spirit.

We had such a story this week with regard to the saving of 23 newly-hatched baby green sea turtles at Discovery Point Club on Seven Mile Beach. After hatching late Saturday or early Sunday morning, these turtles – which instinctively head toward the brightest light – became confused and wandered all over the complex. Some were in the parking lot, some in the bushes, some in the grass, and one was even stuck in the pool filter.

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A security guard astutely called the Department of Environment, and by the time volunteers of the Sea Turtle Programme arrived, residents of the Discovery Point Complex had already rescued some of the hatchlings from danger.

Once it was dark again, the baby sea turtles were released onto the sand by the ocean. Though the odds of any one of them surviving until adulthood are still slim, perhaps one of those female turtles will, years from now, make her way up the same beach to lay eggs to further propagate the endangered species.

In a week during which legislators have politically debated preserving the symbolism of the Caymanian flag and the national song, a group of concerned citizens and volunteers acted to do something to preserve the living symbolism of part of the heritage of this country.

The DoE volunteers thanked the Discovery Point residents and said that it was nice to know there were so many people who cared.

In the absence of legislation to protect the green sea turtle, it will fall to the DoE – with the help of concerned residents – to do what it can to preserve that species.

This past Sunday, the system worked well and 23 baby turtles were saved. That’s the kind of feel-good story we like to see on our front page.

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