Airfare stopping stay-overs

As a long time permanent resident and multi condominium owner on both Grand and Little Cayman, I am disturbed by the loss of overnight tourists and the dancing around of the real reason for the drop off in overnight tourists.

Two weeks ago my wife and I flew to and from Aruba, from Miami, for a combined ticket amount of US$250. The non-stop flight was two hours and 45 minutes. Compare this to last week’s fares from Miami to Cayman, a one hour flight, of about $250 per person.

When potential stay-over guests visit our website and then decide to go elsewhere, inevitably the reason is airfare.

Why is it that Cayman is such an expensive destination to get to?

One reason is obviously the ridiculously high tax on tickets to Cayman. The other must be the high fares set by Cayman Airways and matched by other carriers. Whenever American Airlines lists very cheap fares to other islands, Cayman is noticeably absent.

Visitors are not stupid.

They check prices.

Our hotel and condo fees are not any different than most islands, but our airfares are way out of line.

If a family (or even a couple) start to compare the total cost of a vacation in the Cayman Islands vs. other Caribbean islands, we lose based on airfare alone.

Whether the problem is the airline or the government, I do not know.

For sure the problem is not with the other airlines, because they are touting low fares to other islands.

Whey not try very low fares for next September and October, with a hurricane refund guarantee?

That will eliminate the dead months.

Jeff Yunis

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