RCIP urges car theft prevention

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) called on all residents to help stamp out vehicle crime by being responsible with their possessions and ensuring valuables are not left in cars.

During the month of September, 12 incidents of thefts from cars were reported to police. Although the RCIPS said this is not an unusually high number, almost all of the incidents could have been avoided.

‘Almost all of all our vehicle crime is opportunistic and therefore preventable,’ said Pubic Relations Officer Deborah Denis. ‘We are urging motorists to take extra care not to leave anything on display in order to keep their cars and possessions safe and secure.’

Items that have been reported as stolen from vehicles include lap-tops, hand-bags, jewellery, hand tools and power tools and cash.

‘The key message to motorists is to be responsible,’ said Ms Denis. ‘Leaving items such as lap-tops, hand-bags and cell phones in your vehicle is like extending an open invitation to a criminal. Even smaller items such as sunglasses can entice someone to break into your car.’

The RCIPS also urged residents to never leave their car insecure.

‘Always remove the keys, shut all windows and lock all doors, even if you are only leaving the vehicle for a short time,’ the RCIPS stated.

In addition, the RCIPS suggested residents always park safely and to use and lock their garage if they have one.

Having an alarm installed on vehicles and displaying a sticker that warns thieves of its installation is another suggestion the RCIPS offered, as was marking electronic equipment, like stereos, with the vehicle registration

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