BT boasts clean barkers

Bodden Town was left smelling sweeter on Sunday after the Cayman Islands Humane Society Welfare Team set up a dog wash station at the Turtle Nest Inn.

Residents were invited to take their pooches along for a morning of pampering and preening, all for free.

The lucky canines received a groom and fur trim alongside an overall check by veterinarian technicians from Island Veterinary Services, who formed part of the band of Humane Society volunteers who devoted their free time on Sunday to ensuring Bodden Town pups went home squeaky clean.

After knots were detangled the dogs all had a cooling hose down and treated to a relaxing massaging shampoo and rinse.

Nails were clipped, ears checked and dewormers administered before the moment they’d all been waiting for arrived – a delicious treat and a bag of goodies to take home, states a press release.

Nineteen dogs were bathed.

‘We are always delighted to see so many owners turn out with their dogs, it shows a real caring community here in Bodden Town,’ said Welfare Director Carolyn Parker. ‘In fact this year we only had one animal that had not yet been spayed or neutered and her owner is making an appointment this week at our clinic for the surgery. The message that spay/neuter is good for your pet is obviously getting through to diligent pet owners. We are thrilled.’

The Welfare Team conducts dog washes throughout the year on Grand Cayman visiting a variety of locations and districts.

For more information or to make an appointment for spay or neuter please call 949 1461.

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