Triple C drivers educated

Triple C School’s Driver Education Programme has been revived through the involvement of Vampt Motors and Sagicor General Insurance (Cayman) Ltd.

Vampt has donated a car, customised for driver education lessons and Sagicor General has provided fully paid up insurance and discounts to students who complete the course with high grades.

The driving programme was started in 1996 and functioned well until 2004 when the car was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan.

After the students returned to the restored campus in September 2005 the Bodden Family of Vampt Motors came forward with another car, states a press release.

They had also donated the first car, but after months of searching not one insurance company would insure the car so the students did their classroom work, but could not practice what they had learned.

All of that changed when Mr. Michael Gayle of Sagicor General found out about the situation and saw that a partnership between the school and the insurance company could only benefit both, and most importantly would benefit the youth of this island.

Sagicor General has agreed to provide insurance coverage at no cost to the school and will consider discounts for the students that receive A’s and B’s in the course.

Driver Education is now a requirement for graduation from Triple C School starting with the class of 2008.

For more information on what Triple C School has to offer, see its website at or call 949-6022.

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