Disney make eco-star challenge

North Side Primary School’s Year 3 students are on the road to becoming environmental ambassadors.

They are the first class to register for the 2008 Disney Environmentality Challenge and are already thinking up creative approaches to sustain our environment within their school, home and community, said a press release.

Disney’s Environmentality Challenge is a two-part educational programme that inspires local students to make environmentally sound choices in their daily routines; research and problem-solve environmental issues in their communities and come up with creative and sustainable solutions to tackle these issues.

The Pledge is open to all students between Years 3 and 6. Year 6 students are also invited to enter the Class Project Competition, which leads to an exciting field trip for the winning class aboard the Disney Magic Cruise Ship.

‘The North Side Primary Year 3 students have taken an important step in learning how to be protectors of our environment,’ said Sharon Banfield, Deputy Director of Tourism Product Development. ‘The programme is unique in that it allows teachers to incorporate subjects such as mathematics, science and language arts into valuable lessons on the environment.’

Classes that entered the 2007 Challenge drew plans for a water raft that allowed students to study the mangroves; created art objects to sell and raise local awareness around the plight of the Blue Iguana; conducted a beach and school clean up; took turns informing their schoolmates on how they could all play a part in keeping their community cleaner; researched and produced booklets on the mangroves; and produced songs, poems and radio ads to inform the community of what to do when encountering injured wildlife.

The 2007 winners included Cayman Prep School’s Year 3 class and St. Ignatius Catholic School’s Year 6 class.

Disney Environmental Challenge is a collaboration of efforts between Disney Cruise Lines, the Department of Tourism, the Department of Education and the Department of Environment.

If you would like more information or a chance to register for this educational opportunity, contact Ms Patrice Donalds at the Department of Tourism on 949-0623. All entry submissions must be entered no later than 26 October, 2007.

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