Climate change workshop set

A planning workshop will be held Thursday and Friday in order to address how to enhance the Caribbean’s capacity to adapt to climate change.

Governor Stuart Jack will officially open the workshop on Thursday.

Minister of Tourism, Environment, Investment and Commerce Charles Clifford and the ministry’s Chief Officer Gloria McField-Nixon, will also address the opening.

The workshop is put on by the organisers of the Enhancing Capacity for Adaptation to Climate Change project. The initiative provides for five UK Overseas Territories in the Caribbean to tie into a wider regional programme of adapting to climate change and climate variability within the context of sustainable development.

Mrs Gina Ebanks-Petrie, director of the Department of Environment, said that the objective of the workshop is to approve a work plan for the project’s three-year duration.

The goal is to advance the work plan by focusing on national capacity building in key areas including environmental monitoring and vulnerability and risk assessments; development of national climate change adaptation strategies; effective access to and use of resources to reduce vulnerability through regional cooperation; and public education and outreach.

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