Newcomers Century 21 look like old pros

Century 21 may have only formed this season but they were good enough to win the Digicel Division Two 5-a-side League in a thrilling final.

Played at the King’s Sports Centre on Monday night, it was a pulsating game from the off, refereed by Patrick Diaz and Derrick Williams. Century 21, a real estate company, certainly made the title their personal property.

It was cut and thrust throughout and with only 90 seconds to go Old Boys were leading 2-1 thanks to goals by Joe Chizza and Daniel Cummings. Then up popped Mario Walter to get his second on the night for Century and it went into extra time.

Kenzel Dixon got the vital goal to give the newcomers the Digicel Division Two title.

Century 21 captain Brian Braggs said: ‘It was a game like something out of a movie for excitement and drama. We were losing 2-1 and with a minute and a half to go we leveled. Mario’s equaliser was from a good way out. It was a rocket of a shot to tie it up. He hit the first goal from the kick off, a shot from the half way line that beat the keeper really well. Kenzel ‘BV’ Dixon scored the match winner in overtime but Mario kept us in the game.

‘Next season in Division One I think we’ll be able to hold our own, probably win that division too. We have a really good team put together. It’s a brand new team.

‘Myself and my boss Kel Thompson (player/owner of Century 21) sat down and talked about getting a team together and instead of getting guys who don’t know how to play we selected from a list of guys we really wanted and asked them. Some came and some didn’t and in the end we got a collaboration of his guys and my guys.

‘They’re mostly Caymanian. We have one guy from Holland but most are Caymanian. We did have Thiago Cunha, the Brazilian coach of Cayman’s women’s team, but he missed several games and was ineligible for the playoffs and final.’

King’s director Ray Singh said: ‘It was a great game. What I enjoyed about it most was that it was a clean, competitive game with both teams showing excellent etiquette as far as sportsmanship goes. The fans got into it. Even people just happen to be passing by stopped to watch it. The whole game gave a very positive vibe to it.’

Russell Tough Job won the Division One title last week.

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