Pitchers recalled

Concern over lead

The Department of Environmental Health has announced the recall of Romano pitchers and tumblers sold by American company NapaStyle because it fears they could contain high levels of lead that could leach into drinks.

The recall in Cayman comes two weeks after the American Food and Drug Administration announced a recall in the US. That recall was prompted by FDA tests that showed the products may contain lead that was introduced during the manufacturing process.

No illness associated with the product has been reported in the US to date, the FDA reported. The pitchers and tumblers were distributed through retail stores in California and throughout the US through the NapaStyle mail order catalogue.

In a release, the DEH warned that the consumption of lead can cause severe health problems, especially in infants, young children and pregnant women.

‘High lead exposure can cause miscarriages, still births, premature delivery of babies and low birth weight among infants,’ it said.

‘Further, lead can cause permanent damage to the central nervous system, resulting in learning disabilities and behavioural disorders that could last a lifetime. Children with lead poisoning may not look or act sick.’

The items are described as having a rough glaze, with streaks of dark brown clay showing through the variegated green finish.

For further information, consumers should contact the FDA at 1-866-766-1600 or the DEH at 949-6696.

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