Meat must be inspected

The Department of Agriculture and the Department of Environmental Health have inspection procedures that must be followed in order to maintain local food safety.

Before slaughter, animals must be inspected by the DoA. Please call department staff on 947-3090 to arrange these inspections.

After slaughter, DEH officials must inspect carcasses, to determine whether they are safe for human consumption. The public is reminded that local meat is deemed fit for human consumption when it comes from carcasses that bear the DEH inspected and passed stamp on the outside.

During the busy Christmas season DEH staff asks butchers to call them on 949-6696, at least 48 hours in advance of the proposed slaughter time, in order to make arrangements for post-mortem meat inspections. This will help the inspections to be carried out on time.

Butchers, as well as consumers, are also reminded that selling carcasses, or portions of carcasses, that have not been DEH inspected and approved is against the Public Health Law (2002 Revision).

DEH officials therefore ask consumers to be vigilant.

For more information, call DEH on 949-6696 or the DoA on 947-3090.

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