Scooter security tips

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is calling on scooter riders to ensure their machines are fully secure when left unattended following a number of thefts over the last two weeks.

Since 31 December, seven scooters have been reported as stolen to police, five of which have been recovered. Scooter owners are being encouraged to invest in a heavy duty chain, which can be fitted through the wheel base of the scooter and attached to a secure object preventing it from being taken away. In addition, anyone who is offered a scooter for sale at a low price or without the necessary documents is urged to contact their local police station immediately.

Residents are also being offered the following crime prevention advice in relation cars:

• Do not leave belongings on display – even a pair of sunglasses or collection of small change can tempt a thief – most vehicle crime is opportunistic.

• Lock all doors and close all windows and the sunroof every time you leave your car – even if you are only gone for a short time.

• If you have a driveway or a garage – use it.

• If your car is fitted with an alarm, display a sticker in the window to deter thieves.

And bikes:

• Do not leave cycles in isolated places.

• While on your property, keep bikes covered or out of view from the main road.

• Lock cycles through the frame to something secure and remove wheels if possible.

Also remove smaller parts and accessories that cannot be secured such as helmets and lights.

• Mark your bike with your PO Box so it can be easily identified by police if it is stolen.

• Keep a copy of the bike’s serial number, a photograph of the bike and the purchasing receipt if possible.