Truman Bodden embraces mentoring

Truman Bodden & Company has given its full support to Mentoring Cayman 2008, which is a joint youth initiative of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Education.

Three staff members, Veronica Fierro, Maureen Hamilton and Melissa Nadeau indicated their desire to be mentors and the law firm quickly gave its blessing.

Chris Narborough, managing director, indicated ‘we did not have a second thought about supporting this extremely positive program.’ As such, three year 11 students from John Gray High School – Latoya Davis, Renise Peters and Tetrina Rivers – were paired with their Mentors and warmly welcomed to Truman Bodden & Company in January.

Veronica Fierro, who has volunteered as a mentor previously, acknowledged that her primary goal is to keep the lines of communication open with her mentee, Lotoya Davis, so that they can learn from each other.

Lotoya, who wants to pursue a career in medicine enjoys having Ms Veronica as a big sister to whom she can turn for guidance. Veronica is particularly keen on assisting Lotoya in developing a positive work ethic, which will serve her well in life.

Maureen Hamilton, a first time mentor, also enthusiastically embraces her role as a big sister to Renise Peters, who is interested in pursuing a career in forensic science. Miss Hamilton indicated ‘Renise and I share many similar qualities and interests; I therefore feel lucky to have this young lady as my mentee. I enjoy motivating her to achieve the best in not only school work, but the wider world.’

Melissa Nadeau, also a first time Mentor, supports the views of her colleagues and adds that in her mentoring relationship with Tetrina Rivers, who wishes to pursue a career in Law, she has tried to help Tetrina to understand her own strengths and capabilities, while having fun in the process. Ms Nadeau, who hails from Montreal, also enjoys exchanging stories of her upbringing with Tetrina and learning more about Cayman.

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