Big Daddy’s helps customers go green

Big Daddy’s Liquor and Snacks is helping its customers reduce their carbon footprint with two environmentally friendly options.

Damien Dilbert

Managing Director Damien Dilbert with the three bottle and six bottle re-usable carrier bags. Photo: Joanna Lewis

The liquor chain now offers totally biodegradable plastic grocery bags. Customers wishing to go one step further can opt for a stylish re-usable carrier bag.

The re-usable carrier bags are made from recycled plastic bottle caps and are specifically designed to carry wine or spirit bottles. The bags come in two sizes, a three-bottle or six-bottle bag.

Big Daddy’s Managing Director Damien Dilbert said both options offer an easy way for customers to go green.

“As a company it is important to us that we are socially responsible.

“Plastic bottle caps from water bottles and the like account for a massive part of our waste. The worst part is that these are often used only once. Like plastic bags, they take hundreds of years to break down, often releasing harmful toxins. The re-usable bags are such a great example of how to effectively counter that waste.’

The biodegradable plastic grocery bags contain TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additive), an oxo-biodegradable additive. Manufactured by EPI Environment Products, the TDPA causes the environmentally responsible plastic bags to quickly biodegrade into a non-toxic product when in a disposal environment.

“We are encouraging all our customers to use the re-usable bags as they are the ‘greenest’ choice; however we felt it was important to offer another option,’ Mr. Dilbert said.

“As far as I know, we are one of the only stores in Cayman to use Oxo-biodegradable plastic grocery bags and I am excited to be part of the few retail stores on island to actively go green. We have even switched to recycled printing paper. We have been able to do all this with no additional cost, which just goes to show how easy it is to go green.’

He added: “Thousands of plastic bags are thrown away daily in Cayman. Many of these go to the dump where they take hundreds of years to biodegrade. Others litter the roadside, or find their way into the ocean.

“I hope the steps Big Daddy’s has made will go some way to reducing Cayman’s plastic waste and I am confident that customers will react positively to this environmentally friendly initiative. Maybe they can help to encourage their own places of employment to do the same.”

The re-usable carrier bags are available at all five Big Daddy’s outlets and are priced at $2 for a three-bottle bag and $2.90 for a six bottle bag. As an added incentive, customers receive 10 per cent off all wines and spirits that fit in their re-usable bag.