School rivalry so icy

Some of Cayman’s local school kids recently suited up once again to play hockey.

Friday saw St. Ignatius (Catholic) take on Cayman Prep (Prep). King’s Sports Centre was the site of all the action at 1:10pm.

The game was the second inter-school hockey game of the year. King’s recently stated its intent to host hockey games between local schools on an annual basis. The plan is to eventually get all schools out on the rink.

Roughly 100 spectators came out to see the match. Consisting mostly of kids and parents from the schools, the crowd was a presence as they waved signs, chanted and shouted victory for the teams.

The passion for the sport came across in the youngsters. Both teams were energetic and quick to scrap for loose balls.

It was no surprise then that the action was fast and furious. Both sides came out with a hunger to win and claim glory for their school.

Most scoring chances on the day were the result of tight passes, pretty skating and unorganized defenses. The squads were able to put their shooting on display though the score line was surprisingly close.

With all the scoring chances the teams had, it all came down to who could finish in the clutch. Catholic seemed to be in control while Prep were constantly rushed and flustered on most shot attempts.

Prep struggled to find the back of the net without star player Ben Black. Black is a player in the local youth hockey league. He had a hat-trick by half-time in the first inter-school game against Cayman International School.

Only Centre Daniel Reid could muster a goal. Reid slotted one home from a loose ball around the back of the Catholic net.

Meanwhile, Catholic was giving a true team effort. Their three goals all came from different players with assists on every goal except one.

Both sides were tied until the last period of play. Roughly two minutes into the period, Daniel Champoux slotted home a goal to make the score 2-1.

Then late in the third period, the Cayman Prep coach pulled the goalie to get an extra skater on the ice for offense. The move was dicey put Prep was desperate to equalize.

The move proved to work in Catholic’s favour. The empty net seemed to only fuel the Catholic side to shoot even more. In the end, Jacob Whewell carved through the Prep defense and slotted home the winning breakaway goal into the back of the net.

When it was over, Catholic emerged the winners as they dispatched of Prep by a final score of 3-1.

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