dms takes steps to go green

Cayman Islands-based business conglomerate, dms Organization Ltd. has in recent months made an important shift in its eco-awareness and environmentally-friendly practices executed in its everyday business operations.

It has introduced a new slogan ‘Green is the new Blue’ – playing on their blue corporate colours.

Earlier in the year dms introduced an internal Go Green programme establishing a foundation and culture dedicated to environmental awareness and preservation. This programme is committed to incorporating internal and external eco-friendly practices, as well as taking the opportunity to educate employees about protecting the environment.

‘Ultimately, if we want to maintain the standard of living we currently enjoy and pass it on to future generations, it will take an all-hands effort, and dms recognises the need to lead by example,’ said Stephanie Barnier, dms’ Go Green programme coordinator.

Recently implemented habits within the company include the recycling of all newspapers, which are now delivered to the Humane Society, as well as the recycling of all aluminium cans. For dms House alone, which is just one of dms’ properties – this amounts to over 400 cans and 325 newspapers per month. dms has also made a concerted effort to introduce the use of recyclable stationary supplies, and items made from recycled materials or biodegradable items wherever possible, as well as increased inventories of non-disposable kitchenware.

dms has also incorporated a Go Green site on its internal intranet which aids in communicating useful tips and suggestions on simple lifestyle habits for their employees to adopt that will collectively have a profound affect on the environment.

The intranet contributes to Go Green efforts as it significantly reduces the paper usage throughout the company.

‘This is a prime example of how in doing a simple reexamination of habits, we can advance our Go Green efforts with minimal impact and inconvenience – and they are even cost-effective. The vast majority of these habits are just a matter of being educated about eco-friendly practices,’ commented dms Organization’s Vice President of Operations, Karen Kersey.

The dms Go Green Team recently took part in the National Trust’s bottle crushing initiative during the month of May. During a two-hour session each Friday, dms employees volunteered to operate the bottle crushing system at the National Trust. Cayman residents were encouraged to drop off their empty glass bottles on location throughout the month. The crushed glass is being used by both the Department of Environmental Health and Camana Bay as an alternative to aggregate. Additionally, this process reduces the volume of glass by about 80 percent which is also a great savings in landfill space.

This effort followed on the heels of dms Organization’s recent support shown to National Trust in their $5,000donation to go toward the Blue Iguana Reward fund.

For more information about the dms Organization’s Go Green programme, you can e-mail the Go Green team at [email protected].

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