Plan Cayman: Natural resources

One of the most pressing issues for islands is their finite natural resources and limited land base. Identifying a development path that protects the environment and promotes economic development are usually viewed as competing interests. The effective protection and use of natural resources is crucial to maintaining a high quality environment.

Natural resources make a vital contribution to the character of the island and the quality of life for its residents and it is essential that these features are protected and wherever possible enhanced.

Problems arise when these resources come into conflict with competing demands for development made on existing open space.

This can result in the interruption of natural drainage systems, fragmentation of habitats, introduction of invasive species, and increased marine and land-based pollution.

There are several recognized economic benefits associated with preserving natural resources: our tourism industry is based on our white sandy beaches and a healthy marine environment. The Caymanian people were another reason. It is our duty to ensure the protection of these natural features and go further to ensure that more features are protected, preserved and enhanced. The Natural Resources section provides guidelines focused on making the best use of natural resources while at the same time ensuring the protection, management and preservation of these resources.

Climate change and its impending consequences on natural resources is but one more reason why we have to mitigate impacts on our natural resources.

The Natural Resources Section of the draft Planning Statement will look specifically at:

Environmental Preservation

Coastal Zone Management

Sustainable Design and Construction Methods

Aggregate and Quarry Operations