Arrest after K-9 verdict

There were angry scenes in and out of the Grand Court Friday after a man was acquitted of dangerous driving charges over a March 2007 crash with former Royal Cayman Islands Police Service K-9 Constable Paul Dewing.

As the court rose to adjourn following the verdict, Mr. Dewing remained seated. ‘Stand up Mr. Dewing,’ Justice Priya Levers said. He rose, but moments later slammed a metal chain he was carrying into a railing in front of him.

Mr. Dewing then stormed from the court, followed by his girlfriend, who slammed the courtroom door shut, almost hitting an Auxiliary Constable who was pursuing the pair.

The constable grabbed Mr. Dewing’s girlfriend by the wrist, telling her she was being arrested for assault. He then called for further police assistance.

The woman sobbed as officers took details from her while court staff and police pleaded with Mr. Dewing to leave the building.

‘It’s a public place, right? No, I’m not leaving,’ Mr. Dewing initially said. ‘I’m not leaving her.’

Inside the court room, the judge instructed jurors and members of the defence team they were not to leave the court room until Mr. Dewing had left the area.

Mr. Dewing soon agreed to leave the building at the behest of his girlfriend.

Police detained the woman for about 15 minutes before allowing her to leave.

On Saturday police had not decided whether they would be bringing charges against the woman, but said they would be investigating the matter further.