Time for ICTA to respond

In early April you published my letter complaining about the exorbitantly high rates of mobile termination charges in the Cayman Islands.

As I indicated Cable & Wireless had recognised this and attempted to have them reduced, but Digicel, seemingly with the support of our communications regulator the ICTA, successfully resisted the application from Cable & Wireless.

In my letter I publicly queried the comment from Digicel’s AGM, a certain Mr Latty, that this was effectively in the public’s interest!

I also queried why the regulator was not supporting the application from Cable & Wireless.

Not surprisingly, neither Digicel nor the ICTA have responded to these complaints.

However, having just read that the communications regulators in the European Union have just ruled that all communications providers within the EU must reduce their mobile termination rates by no less than 70 per cent, I consider it timely to raise these questions again.

Specifically, I challenge the ICTA to explain why they allow such high rates to continue in the Cayman Islands when, as regulators, they should be acting in the interests of the public in seeking to have these charges reduced.

Roger M. Davies

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