RB crime watch launched

Residents of The Point, The Island and The Peninsula in Red Bay have come together with Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Inspector Adrian Barnett and Police Constable Teekal Cowan to set up a neighbourhood watch scheme.

A short ceremony was recently held to mark the start of the scheme which involves more than 30 residents. At the event, both officers gave an overview of how neighbourhood watch can be most effective before elections were held for watch coordinators.

The neighbourhood watch programme is designed to help residents work together as a community to improve personal safety and household security, but it is not a police operated scheme. Officers lend their expertise and advice to enable residents to organise themselves to help minimise crime in their community.

Inspector Barnett said residents must take ownership of the scheme and the neighbourhood, if the programme is to be a success.

‘We shouldn’t sit back and wait for incidents to happen. We must be proactive,’ he said. ‘Residents are best placed to keep an eye on their neighbourhoods. They can identify suspicious vehicles or activity easily. By working together, residents can play a huge part in reducing crime.’

Anyone in the Red Bay or Prospect area wishing to know more about neighbourhood watch or any other crime prevention methods and tips should contact PC Cowans on or 916-0475 or email [email protected].