C&W island-wide internet outage

Internet customers of Cable & Wireless lost access to the Web for two and a half hours on Wednesday evening as a ‘critical fault’ led to internet failure island-wide.

Cable & Wireless Network Operations Manager, Donnie Forbes, explained that the problem was the result of ‘a critical fault on our internet aggregators which resulted in an outage that impacted all our ADSL customers on the three islands’.

Mr. Forbes said in a statement from C&W: ‘At approximately 7pm, we started to bring customers back in service and this process was completed at about 7.30pm.

‘The team is presently working with our supplier to determine the root cause of this failure, address any outstanding issues, and to determine what is required to prevent any similar future failures.’

Mr. Forbes added: ‘The team worked diligently with the support of our supplier to bring the unit back on line.’

David Archbold, managing director of the Information and Communications Technology Authority, said Cable & Wireless informed the authority of the outage on Wednesday evening.

‘I knew about the outage last night,’ he said yesterday, ‘but as to the cause, we are waiting on a technical report from them.’

He said that despite the fact that the outage occurred at 5pm, just as businesses were shutting down for the evening, it did not appear that it was an outage was timed to cause minimum disruption. ‘It was definitely unexpected, it was not something that was planned or set off,’ Mr. Archbold said.

He was not able to provide details on the total number of internet outages that had been reported to ICTA, an independent statutory authority responsible for regulating and licensing telecommunications, broadcasting, and radio, but said: ‘There are inevitable technical problems with the providers at different times.’

The company’s website has an outage alert page which states it contains ‘a detailed description of all scheduled and unscheduled Cable & Wireless service outages’, but the page contained no data relating to Wednesday’s outage nor any other.

Other internet service providers on the island, including Digicel, WestTel and TeleCayman reported no outages.

Cable & Wireless advised any customers experiencing problems to power cycle their ADSL modem or call the company’s fault department on 811.