Barkers Head is deplorable

I run through Barkers Head on a regular basis.

Estella’s car was left along the route that I take. My path is quiet, the scenery is beautiful.

Flocks of white herons rise as I run past. Very few cars drive out there, most folks are trying to find a fly fishing spot or going to catch the breeze, sail surfing.

I pass people who also like to use the pathways for their regular exercise and there is always a friendly exchange.

I have never felt uncomfortable there, until this week, until this crime.

Barkers Head does have a few drawbacks. It is suppose to be a national park, yet the government does not see fit to have any kind of active park warden system there; not even a traffic gate to close in off-hours.

The gorgeous dock and sundial built at the little lake for Prince Edward’s visit has been vandalised beyond recognition.

Garbage is constantly being dumped along the pathways, even right in the middle of the beach access paths. So many careless, stupid people are thoughtlessly destroying this area.

The dumping is occasionally outrageous, goats and dogs can be found floating in the tiny canals. But this most heinous crime, the ‘dumping’ of a murder victim has topped it all.

It is an absolute shame that this beautiful spot has been allowed to be misused to this extent.

The death of this wonderful woman must be a signal to everyone.

We need to care more for each other, more for our Country. The quiet wild areas (aka parks) that should be a safe home to Cayman’s wildlife should not be allowed to simultaneously to be the favourite drug trading or body dumping ground.

Vigilance, by the police, by the Ministry of the Environment and by all of us living on this island is needed to help prevent this evil from destroying our sense of security.

We need to constantly educate children and adults to treat each other and the environment with respect.

We need to enforce that through a park warden system, and enhanced police protection providing regular surveillance in our communities and protection of our wild areas.

We cannot let this evil stop us from living, enjoying and protecting the precious dwindling natural wildlife resources that this Island has.

Barkers Head should not remain in its current abandoned state. It should not be allowed to be a crime scene yet again.

Deirdre Billes