Sharks set to attack Canadiens

What more could have been expected for the third consecutive WestTel Youth Roller Hockey Playoffs? From ear-piercing cheering to 6U shoot-outs, last Saturday was spectacular.

Opening the day was Under-9 powerhouse KPMG Senators, led by Davit Pitcairn and Ryan Lloyd, going against Animal House Penguins. Senators would defeat the Penguins 9-3.

Player of the game Pitcairn and team-mate Lloyd netted four goals apiece while Matt Somerville had two for Animal House. Hunter Wilkom was the player of the game for the Penguins.

The Penguin players had a tremendous season and they should do well again next year. Tuesday will see the Caledonian Kings play the UBS Panthers in the second semi-final match-up.

In the U6 league, the Lightning took on the Maples Stars and went to a shocking, comical and all together unprecedented Shoot-Out tie-breaker round. Both teams tied at three goals apiece at the end of regulation.

Lightning penalty shot goal scorers Jabari Walrond and Jack McGregor would emerge the heroes as their scores were enough to stop the lone Stars’ goal by William Priaulx.

Walrond and Priaulx would share player of the game honours.

The finish was a great reward for the wall of children and adult faces pressed against the glass in anticipation.

The second U6 league match would see Coldwell-Banker Rangers shut out Walkers Blue Iguanas 6-0. Justin Hastings of the Rangers and Gabriel McDermot of the Blue Iguanas would share player of the game honours.

In U12 age group, the dominant Appleby Sharks held off Finn Walker and the Conyers Canucks by a final score of 11-2.

Sharks player of the game Thomas Bishop was solid while goal scorers Tynan Klein (5) and Mark Reid (4) led the way. Meanwhile Walker had two goals for the Canucks and Michael Cummings was their player of the game honours.

The second U12 game was by far the loudest contest of the day as parents and children were cheering on their teams. They would not be disappointed as the game would be a high-scoring and tight affair.

The Citco Canadiens would come out on top with a 5-4 victory over the Five Continent Leafs. Rising star and player of the game Leon Domladis led the way with three goals.

Citco held off a late game run by Chris Messer (who scored two goals) and a determined Leafs side, including goal scorer and Leafs player of the game Michael Matthews.

Saturday December 13th will see all three divisional finals. At 11am Rangers battle Lightning for the U6 title. Then the Sharks and the Canadiens take centre stage for the U12 championship.

Championship Saturday then wraps up at 3pm when the Senators battle the winner of Kings-Panthers for the U9 crown.

King’s Athletic Director Ray Singh was pleased with the level of excitement for the games and is looking for the same tomorrow.

‘It’s great to see the parents cheering and getting involved. Keep up the good times everyone.

‘All players and fans are encouraged to come out and cheer on the players this weekend. Let’s end this great season on a very high note!’