Post office addressing guide available

A new addressing guide is available at all post offices to help customers of the Cayman Islands Postal Service address their mail correctly.

CIPS officials stress that accurate addressing facilitates quicker delivery while inaccurate addressing delays the mail.

Customers must format their mail correctly by including post office boxes and postcodes.

Anthony Williams, Deputy Postmaster General of Operations, reminds the public that one postcode does not replace all:

‘One of the problems we are encountering is that customers are using their own postcodes instead of the addressee’s postcode,’ he says.

‘For instance, Post Box 1 for General Post Office will have a different postcode than, say, Post Box 1 in West Bay.’

While CIPS surveys show that 95 per cent of residents and companies are using postcodes, a high percentage of that mail is still being addressed incorrectly.

CIPS has ensured that there are printed postcode finders in every district post office, and postcode finders in the new telephone directory on pages 12-13 of the government section. Also, eCay has postcodes for all the businesses listed in its new directory. Customers can also find their postcodes on the CIPS website at

The post code is divided into three unique parts: These are not interchangeable and are very important to postal operations. In the Cayman Islands, the post code has been designed for mail delivery to more than 12,000 post boxes in 15 post offices, and to two postal agencies.

The first part (KY plus a single digit) is the island designator; the second part (two digits) tells mail sorters which postal facility that piece of mail has to go to; and the last two numbers describe the post office box section in the postal facility.

For instance, KY3-2501 tells primary sorters that that piece of mail is destined for one of the 60 post-office boxes in Little Cayman Post Office. As another example, an address with the postcode KY1-1108 tells the primary sorters that that letter is destined for the General Post Office in Grand Cayman. The section number, 08, informs the secondary sorters that it is intended for a box in the section containing boxes numbers 1173 to 1380.

Another common problem is that customers use a street address with no post office box number.

Incorrectly addressed mail will be returned to the sender.