Death by reckless driving trial starts

Trial began on Monday for Henry York Carter, who is charged with causing the death of Glen ‘Papa Sleepy’ Seymour by reckless driving on the night of 4 January 2007.

In opening the case to the jurors, Crown Counsel Kirsty-Ann Gunn advised that Mr. Seymour, 54, died three months after the incident.

She also them of several formal admissions they were to accept as fact for the purposes of this case.

These were: On 4 January 2007 at approximately 9.30pm, Mr. Seymour was walking in a westerly direction along Bodden Town Road. Henry Carter was driving a Chevy Astro van at the same time and travelling westward. In the vicinity of Leeroy Frederick Beach, the vehicle driven by Henry Carter struck Glen Seymour. There were no other vehicles or persons involved.

Mrs. Gunn said the Crown had to prove the allegation of reckless driving. The Crown’s case was that Mr. Seymour was walking at the side of the road; Mr. Carter, having seen him in the distance, travelled to the verge of the road where he struck Mr. Seymour as he was walking.

The jury has also heard there is no sidewalk in the area.

Carter, 29, is represented by Attorney Clyde Allen.

Justice Alexander Henderson is presiding. The trial was scheduled for four days.