Eco-Weekends begin

The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman and the Central Caribbean Marine Institute recently announced the new schedule for the full programme launch of Eco-Weekends.

For three days, programme participants stay at the Little Cayman Research Centre with curriculum of ecology-based topics and activities.

The educational weekend aims to increase their overall awareness on environment and conservation.

Eco-Weekends will take place on: 16-18 and 23-25 January, 3-5 April, 1-3 May, 5-7 June.

‘A full launch of the Eco-Weekends will have a great impact on the community as these youth apply their new knowledge,’ said Jim O’Neill, CEO of CCMI.

‘The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman recognised the value of this programme and embraced it with a commitment, which will establish the Eco-Weekends as a winning formula for youth, education and environment.’

During the programme, students study a wide range of topics covering marine ecology and conservation, learn new field sampling techniques, collect samples and analyse data from several coastal environments, learn to identify common reef fish, observe and study the importance of mangroves, and learn about sustainable fishing practices.

The Eco-Weekend instructors will use the Marine Park laws to help the students understand why conch, lobster and Nassau grouper populations are currently protected.

For more information about Eco-Weekends, contact Sally Coppage at [email protected].