Wanted: Police chief

The Cayman Islands government posted advertisements last week for the position of Royal Cayman Islands Police Service commissioner.

Acting Police Commissioner James Smith is on a six-month temporary contract and has not been named to the full time position, though he has previously expressed an interest to the Caymanian Compass in applying for the post.

The position is advertised at a yearly salary of between CI$109,080 and CI$129,672, and has responsibility for about 450 police officers and civilian employees.

Job requirements include ‘experience, judgment and cultural awareness’ to oversee a society that now has well more than 100 nationalities spread among three islands and a population of somewhere between 60,000 and 65,000 people.

Applicants also must have experience in different kinds of policing including marine, and air support units.

Cayman has gone through four police commissioners within the past 12 months, one of whom only stayed in the islands for 48 hours and declined to accept the post.

No locally-based candidates have publicly stated their intention to apply for the job. Some former and current RCIPS officers have suggested former Drugs Task Force chief Derek Haines for the top cop’s job, but Mr. Haines has not definitively made his intentions known.