Police withhold rollover report

Almost 11 months after it was first presented to Governor Stuart Jack, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has further delayed the release of a report that asked that foreign police officers be exempted from the islands’ seven-year term limit on residency.

A Caymanian Compass open records request for the report has been deferred on the grounds that the document would be presented to the Legislative Assembly for discussion. Police had previously made no mention of any intention to present the item at the LA.

The report was first submitted to Mr. Jack in March 2008 by then-Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan.

Governor Jack announced in 2007 that a term limit on residency, often referred to in Cayman as the rollover policy, would be implemented for foreign workers in the Cayman Islands Civil Service. He said the policy would be similar to one in effect for foreign workers in the private sector.

However, unlike the private sector policy, which falls under Immigration Law, the civil service proposal was placed under the sole discretion of the governor’s office.

The term limit policy for the civil service has not been implemented.

According to Freedom of Information Coordinator Carole Excell, deferred releases of documents can occur under section 11 of the FOI Law. The law states the open records request can be deferred if the publication of the document would be required within a certain time anyway, or if that document was being prepared for presentation to the Legislative Assembly.

However, Mrs. Excell has previously said the law also prevents an agency from deferring the release of an otherwise public document forever, and that agencies are requested to give a time frame within which the record will be released.