Students gain work experience

The Department of Environment recently hosted two work experience students from Cayman Prep and High School.

Ned Miller and Kelly Forsythe spent a week taking part in all areas of departmental duties.

‘While with us we try to have them experience all sections within the department,’ said DoE Research Officer Joni Kirkconnell. ‘These include our Operations Unit, Enforcement Unit, Research Unit, and Administration Unit.’

The DoE has hosted work experience students for several years from both private and public schools.

‘It is encouraging to see that young people are genuinely interested in the Caymanian environment and are seeking to pursue a career in the field’, said Mrs. Kirkconnell.

‘I would definitely consider working at the DoE after graduating as it keeps you on your feet, introduces you to an outside world of wonder and the employees there are definitely of a special breed,’ Kelly said, ‘they’re the most friendly, most creative and most outgoing group of people I have met so far.’

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