Today’s Editorial April 16: Stop rolling in the mud now, please

Dear candidate, please be nice.

The General Elections in the Cayman Islands are less than a month away and already much of the campaigning is taking on an ugly tone.

We’re tired of hearing those stumping for office begin their campaign speeches at political rallies and meetings tout how they will remain above the fray and not get into mudslinging, and then slip into that same miry pit.

It’s bad enough when politicians and political wanna-be’s slander and throw poisoned darts of words at their opponents, but when candidates begin bringing into question the morality of a candidate’s family members, things have gone too far.

This election should be about the issues and only the issues.

Personal quirks and family ties should not be the deciding factors in this race.

The voters in the Cayman Islands want to know what the next government is going to do to ease up our high costs of living.

They want to know what the next government is going to do to ensure the long-term stability of our financial industry.

Voters want to know what future of tourism is and how the next government will woo or shun additional cruise ship tourists and its plans for stay-over tourism.

Voting Caymanians are concerned about employment and job security for Caymanians. They don’t need to hear candidates’ slamming their opponents for past inaction as far as immigration is concerned. Please, candidate, instead spend that breath explaining to the masses how you plan to address these important issues.

Caymanians, as well as all who live in the Cayman Islands, are concerned about crime. While the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service falls under the remit of the Governor’s office, there are certainly some things our next elected government can do to ensure a drop in crime. It goes hand-in-hand with a stable economy and people with jobs.

To those who are voting, don’t listen to the tearing down of fellow human beings during this busy campaign season. Instead demand that those running for office tell you how they plan to make the future better for the Cayman Islands – both for Caymanians and expats. Demand specifics, not rhetoric.

It is our wish that the rolling in the mud would stop on all sides – in the parties, with the independents and supports of each – and that candidates would spend this precious time of putting themselves up for election convincing us of their ability to do the job if elected.

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