Jet skis annoying residents, police say

Police and the Customs and Immigration Marine Unit plan a crack down in the coming weeks on Jet Ski users who violate the law.

Police said they have received numerous complaints about jet skis being used too close to shore and disturbing nearby residents.

‘Some of the machines have been modified and are louder than normal crafts,’ said Maine Unit Chief Inspector Courtney Myles. ‘Jet Skis are powerful machines which need to be used within the law for the safety of the riders, the safety and protection of the environment and the comfort of those living close to the water.’

Jet Skis should not be used in designated swim areas or operate at more than five knots when within 200 yards of the shore.

The RCIPS is issuing the following safety tips to Jet Ski users:

•Always wear a life vest.

•Never operate a Jet Ski under the influence of alcohol.

•Learn how to operate the machine before you use it.

•Never ride close to other water craft and be aware of what is happening around you. Being aware will help you avoid a collision.

•Never ride a Jet Ski without a lanyard.

•Always let someone know where you are going and your estimated time of return.

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