Citco, reading buddies bid farewell

Citco Cayman is ensuring that students at John A. Cumber Primary School find a fondness for learning.

Staff members of Citco are matched with a single Reading Buddy student for the duration of the school year.

During June, Citco staff members participated in a year end thank you reception at JACPS in which the students and their Citco Reading Buddy mentors celebrated the successes and fun they experienced during the previous 10 months.

The volunteer Citco staff members were honoured by both the students and the JACPS school administration.

Reflecting back on the year just concluded, JACPS Administration officials, including Principal, Joseph Wallace, expressed their gratitude to each Citco staff volunteer for giving their time and energies to their reading buddy on a weekly basis with the objective of increasing the students’ level of literacy and their love for learning.

Looking forward, Citco Fund Services Managing Director Patrick Agemian expressed his own appreciation at the JACPS reception to the Citco staff members who volunteered with this and the many other community service projects that have helped create the reputation for Citco Cayman as an admired and esteemed company known for its progressive and vibrant people and the services that they provide not only to their clients in a business relationship, but also to the local community in which the company chooses to operate, states a press release.

Citco Fund Services, Bank and Trust staff members are looking forward to the new school year starting in September, when they will once again meet their new Reading Buddies and share their wisdom and joy of reading.

Citco Bank and Trust, Citco Fund Services and Citco Trustees and Corporate Services are each divisions of the Citco Group of Companies.