Today’s Editorial August 06: Ritz has work for those who want it

Leading up to and since the general elections, we’ve heard much about how expatriates shouldn’t be able to take jobs from Caymanians.

The politicians spoke about it often. Callers to radio talk shows spoke about it. We’ve also had constant letters to the editor on the subject.

Most people hearing or reading about the issue of Caymanian unemployment over the past five months would have to conclude the situation is dismal indeed.

For this reason we were shocked to learn that at a job fair held by The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman this week, only three people showed up.

The fact that only three people attended the Ritz job fair – which even offered free food – leads us to deduce that either: a) there aren’t as many unemployed Caymanians as everyone is being led to believe; b) that those Caymanians that are unemployed aren’t really interested in working; c) that unemployed Caymanians are being very choosy with regard to the jobs they take; or d) that no one knew there would be free food at the Ritz.

In difficult economic times such as what the entire world is going through now, unemployment is bound to rise.

It is during times like this, however, that people who are unemployed should be taking what jobs they can get, rather than focusing on the perfect job.

Working at the Ritz-Carlton might not be what an unemployed person thinks as the perfect career, but the hotel is trying to hire Caymanians who need a job. Recent school leavers should particularly take notice.

We can only hope that the next two job fairs held by the Ritz-Carlton – at UCCI on 11 August and at John A. Cumber Primary School on 1 September – are better attended than the first one by those that are unemployed and want to work.