Today’s Editorial August 24: A silver lining

Perhaps lost in the dismal statistics relating to the increase in burglaries in the first six months of this year was some good news in relation to Cayman’s road safety.

Every category of traffic offence statistic kept by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Services was less than the first six months of last year, as were traffic accidents and traffic fatalities.

In a time when any kind of good news is welcomed, the latest traffic statistics were surprising, given the traffic trends in recent years.

It’s difficult to ascertain the exact reasons why traffic offences and accidents are down, but an increased police presence on Grand Cayman’s roads must assuredly play a large role in the reduction.

Whatever the reason though, it seems people are getting the message when it comes to their driving habits.

With the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service promising more roadblocks in their effort to catch burglars transporting stolen goods, chances are good people will continue to drive more safely than they did last year.

Of course, things could always be better. There are still plenty of people out there speeding, talking on their cell phones or texting while driving, and using the turning lane as a passing lane. There are still lots of crazy drivers out there who think the roads are their personal playgrounds.

Now that school is beginning again, motorists need to remember that traffic will be worse in the morning and that children will walk near the roads. Everyone should be a little more careful with their driving in areas near schools.

The rest of the year also holds some challenges – like Pirates Week and the holiday season – that could easily change the good road safety news to bad news.

Let’s hope the positive trend of better driving continues, though, through the rest of this year and beyond.