Rum Point pot smokers fined

Two men have been fined a collective total of 600 dollars for smoking ganja at Rum Point.

The pair, who were arrested by the joint Customs, Police and Immigration Marine Unit on Sunday, July 19, appeared in court last week.

‘We often receive complaints from people about ganja being smoked at Rum Point on the weekends,’ said Royal Cayman Islands Police Inspector Brad Ebanks. ‘This is a popular destination for families and small children and it’s a real concern for parents.’

On July 19 the Marine Unit responded to complaints that ganja was being smoked in the area by a group of young boaters. Police identified the suspects and searched the boat.

Officers said the search revealed a small amount of ganja and a partially used ganja cigarette. Two men were subsequently charged with possession and consumption of ganja and were fined 250 and 350 dollars apiece after they pleaded guilty.

‘We will continue to ensure that families and young children can enjoy the Rum Point and Kaibo areas without the fear of encountering illegal drug use. We regularly patrol this area on weekends to ensure safety for everyone due to the large amounts of boaters,’ said Inspector Ebanks who encouraged anyone who witnesses this behaviour to make a report to police.