Police: air guns are illegal

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is warning residents about the dangers of BB guns, air weapons, imitation weapons and replica guns following a shooting on Sunday in Bodden Town.

At around 3.30pm a man reported to Bodden Town police station that his wife had been shot while hanging out the laundry at their home in Daffodil Street, Bodden Town.

Police and medics responded to the scene and the woman was found to be suffering from bruising and swelling on her arm – thought to have been inflicted by a BB gun or an air gun.

Detectives from Bodden Town are investigating the incident.

‘BB guns and air weapons are not toys and can be extremely dangerous,’ said Inspector Ian Brellisford. ‘In addition they are also illegal.’

Residents need to be aware of the dangers of owning BB guns and air weapons and the level of fear and intimidation they can cause to others.

‘If you own one of these weapons, chances are you will be arrested,’ said Inspector Brellisford. ‘Imagine that officers are responding to a report of a person with a firearm, armed officers will be deployed who may believe they are dealing with a life-threatening situation.

‘From any distance these weapons look and have the characteristics of a real weapon and until handled and examined by trained officers, it is impossible to tell the difference. We have to treat them as a real threat for the safety of the community and the police officers.’

Anyone in possession of an imitation weapon, BB gun or air weapon, who is unaware of the law, is urged to hand the item into their local police station. Under these circumstances, no action will be taken by the police.

Under the Firearms law (1998), air guns and BB guns are illegal.